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19 June 2009 @ 02:26 am
Muses: Park Gyuri and Oh Wonbin
Rating/Warning: G
Location: Great Hall
Style: Action
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Gyuri and Wonbin decide to meet and hang out in the Great Hall for a little bit.

princess gyuri: Your name was Wonbin, wasn't it?
Mujmigae: Yes. That's me.
princess gyuri: I'm bored, so I figured I'd call and see if you were busy.
Mujmigae: Hm. Nope. I'm not.
princess gyuri: Do you want to hang out?
Mujmigae: Hm. Sure. Where are you?
princess gyuri: I'm in the Slytherin common room, but I can meet you somewhere else.
Mujmigae: That's probably a good idea. Where do you want to meet?
princess gyuri: It's up to you~
Mujmigae: The great hall?
princess gyuri: Sure. Let me get ready, meet you down there soon.
Mujmigae: Alright.
princess gyuri: *had just been lounging around in her pajamas, so it was time to change, in simple shorts and a green t-shirt, with the Slytherin emblem on it, not really thinking about how they were in different houses. puts a scarf on, and takes her hair down, deciding she looked good enough to be seen, leaving the Slytherin bedroom area to head for the Great Hall*
Mujmigae: *didn't need to change, still dressed in his uniform sans robe, decides to get up and actually pull on a t-shirt instead of the dress shirt, deciding to leave the pants because he didn't actually care too much about what he looked like other than his hair, and fixed that along the way from the Gryffindor common room down toward the great hall, stretching a little as he went*
princess gyuri: *reaches before him and decides to take a seat on a bench near the door, crossing one leg over the other and setting her chin on her palm as she waits, putting her hair behind her ear because it's a bit boring while she waits, and it's a bit frizzy today*
Mujmigae: *feels completely at ease by the time he was letting himself into the great hall, looking around before spotting her and wandering over, sitting across from her* Your hair looks like crap.
princess gyuri: *looks up at him, still looking when he sits, taking a moment to look over his outfit, and hair, since he pointed hers out, leaning back against the table to give a small smile in his direction* Still looks better than yours.
Mujmigae: There's a difference. *smirks faintly, resting his elbows on the table and palming his chin* I don't want to look attractive. *nods, tapping his fingers on the table* None of your little snake friends free?
princess gyuri: No matter what you do, you could never be attractive. *returns his light smirk and shakes her head, letting out a small sigh* Maybe this snake wanted to meet a lion friend, what about that?
Mujmigae: Mhm. That probably just means you want me. *tilts his head, shrugging before looking around the hall* Why would that snake want to meet a lion friend?
princess gyuri: Right, calling you ugly means I want you. A lovely equation. *snorts and looks off in the other direction* Because this snake was bored, and lions seem fun, don't they?
Mujmigae: Isn't it? It makes perfect sense to me. *nods once, grinning before crossing his arms over the table* Shouldn't you hate me?
princess gyuri: Are you messed up in the head, Wonbin? *tilts her head, looking at him with a true curious expression before breaking out into a smile* I don't think I have to hate you for being a lion, no.
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