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12 June 2009 @ 09:17 pm
Collision with a lovesick owl  
Muses: Jung Jihoon, Kim Taeyeon
Rating/Warning: --
Location: courtyard
Style: aim/action
Status: incomplete/private
Summary: Bi gets a face full of feathers and Taeyeon runs after him to retrieve her Hooker.

Taeyeon (12:26:18 PM): Hooker! *calls out after her owl* No! *her owl goes onto peck at the shirt of a very tall senior she'd only seen once in the Great Hall but have never dared spoken to, partly because of his height*
Rain (12:27:43 PM): *spins around hearing Hooker and thinks that there is a Captain Hook or something on his tail, just to get a face full of feathers and something very alive but small*
Taeyeon (12:31:21 PM): I'm sooo sorry Oppa! *manages to run forward and jumps up to grab Hooker gently by her feet before the bird could scratch and ruin that handsome face* I am so, so sorry! She just flew out of my grip and dashed forward, I thought she was chasing after a butterfly!
Rain (12:33:25 PM): *grins and rubs at his face lightly, before rubbing the top of Hooker's head* Haha, it's alright, I guess my animal magnitism is a lot stronger than I originally thought it was, huh? *winks at her to show her no harm was done and that he was still in a pretty good mood*
Taeyeon (12:36:18 PM): *Hooker pecks lightly at his palm to show affection, and Taeyeon pats its head too* Good girl, now! Oppa is a friend, yes? *then looking up at him, she beamed* You are in Gryffindor! I have seen you, Oppa. I'm Taeyeon. And you've just been attacked by my very own pet Hooker. And if you're animal magnitism is that strong, I advise against walking into the Ravenclaw common room, because it's a zoo in there!
Rain (12:43:21 PM): *laughs* A zoo in the Ravenclaw common room! I guess that's another place to be worried about, now isn't it? What with me getting bowled over by my own pet when he decides to be in the Gryffindor common room. Got any other clue as to why she came to me though? *keeps petting the owl*
Taeyeon (12:46:30 PM): You've got a pet? *oerks up at the mention* The only other thing that attracts Hooker...is sugar. You've got any? *she sniffs at the air around him, as Hooker flies over to him and perches on his shoulder*
Taeyeon (12:49:12 PM): *perks
Rain (1:02:42 PM): Yeah, I've got a dog. Most of the time he stays with Hagrid though, so he doesn't cause too much trouble while I'm gone for classes. *watches her sniff around him and chuckles* Nope! Though I had some chocolate earlier if that counts for anything?
Taeyeon (1:13:48 PM): That's explains it! We're both chocolate addicts. *watches at Hooker sniffs somemore and looks back with a disappointed face* Is your dog big enough to ride on? :o
Rain (1:37:59 PM): Yes I am, it's a great weakness of mine I'm afaid~ *chuckles and shakes his head* He's not that big yet, he's still growing bigger. He's still pretty big though. Like....up to here? *makes a movement around his belly button area* That's where his head would be. *grins*
Taeyeon (1:47:19 PM): *jawdrops, because oppa's bellybutton is almost at her chest area* Omo, I can ride him like a horsey! Does he have a name?
Rain (2:26:49 PM): His name? Call out Seth and he'll be galloping over to greet you enthusiastically. *chuckles* Word of caution though, if you hear something like thunder galloping on the ground say sit before he knocks you over. He likes giving out kisses~
Taeyeon (2:42:57 PM): I love getting kisses! *quickly blushes* I mean, from animals. Seth! Of course. I will try icalling for him when Hooker's not around. He's scared of big creatures and big things in general, so it was a wonder he warmed up to you so quickly.
Rain (2:46:03 PM): *chuckles some more* Here I am giving out my pet's name when I haven't even gave out my own yet. Jung Jihoon, though I also go by Rain or Bi. *he bows in a flashy way and extends his hand to her with flourish*
Taeyeon (2:52:27 PM): Rain! Here comes Rain! That's a very cool name! Like you command the weather or something. Can I call you...Bi Oppa? *curtseys to him and shakes his hand enthusiastically like a foreign ambassador* And you are Gryffindor's prefect!!
Rain (12:20:18 PM): I do sound pretty awesome in that way, don't I? *chuckles, amused by her energy* You can call me that if you'd like? I'm more of the head boy of my house though. *grins widely* Good for me but maybe not too good for the school~
Taeyeon (12:33:10 PM): Have you ever watched X-Men? Muggle movie. One of the girls in there could command the weather! Can Oppa do the same? Like *mimica his voice* "Let it rain today!" and it does?*looks up at him with twinkling eyes*