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13 May 2009 @ 08:17 pm
[Mod: Aim Log Format]  
This is the template for logging AIM logs. You aren't required to do it in this format,

Info: It's basically made up of the TABLE tag and the FONT tag. This will only make sense to those who know a little bit about html, but it's simple enough for anyone to catch on.

First of all you can only do this in the "HTML" tab when you go in to post an entry. Rich text will malfunction.

As you can see, you just need to replace a few things.

"FIRST PERSON TEXT" and "SECOND PERSON TEXT" refer to whatever you guys RPed. So just insert it in.

color: #000000; would change the colour of the text, though you don't have to change colors if you don't want to. You can pick it here.
size: 12pt; changes the text size. 12pt is standard size. What you're looking at right now is 12pt. It's made standard for easier reading.
font-family: georgia; is the font type. I put down georgia because it's easier to read serif than sans serif when it comes to large bodies of text.

And you put this template after the log header, and in between the LJ cut.

If you don't know how to LJ cut, this is it in the box down here.

And FYI, don't forget the log header, found in the log community profile.

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