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03 June 2009 @ 08:21 pm
log: Quidditch Royalty  
Muses: Kwon Yuri, Kim Hyunjoong
Rating/Warning: PG (maybe some violent Quidditch?)
Location: Quidditch Pitch
Style: LJ Paragraph
Status: Public/Incomplete
Summary: Yuri instigates a friendly match amongst all the Quidditch players she knows.

Feeling highly invigorated as she stepped onto the pitch, clutching onto her Firebolt in hand and her messenger bag slung over her other shoulder, Yuri took in the sights and smells of the wide expanse of land for the umpteenth time. It wasn't as though it would do anything to improve the sweet and fragile looking girl's skills, but it did help Yuri when she familiarized herself with her playing ground. Mounting her broom with her messenger bag still on, Yuri felt the movement of the wind briefly before she lifted herself up into the air effortlessly. She was like a fish in water, in her element, where she really belonged. She dropped the canvas bag on one of the seats midair before flying off, as high as she could without her chest tightening. It was higher than most of the other fliers, because Yuri had been training herself to adjust quickly to the thinner air higher into the sky. She breathed as well as she did when she was on foot, where oxygen was plentiful. She did a few laps at the Firebolt's maximum speed and at the maximum height that she could withstand without being breathless. With each round, she ascended higher still until she couldn't breathe.

It wasn't necessary in the game of Quidditch, but it helped Yuri to improve her breathing considerably, since she had once been diagnosed with asthma in her childhood. Quidditch had been the game to strengthen her lungs and her stamina, it also kept Yuri healthy and in good shape. From the peak height, Yuri inhaled as much as she could before diving all the way down towards the centre of the Quidditch in what seemed almost like a dangerous free fall. Her grip on her Firebolt was firm and nothing but adrenaline pumped through her entire being. About a hundred feet from the ground, Yuri pulled up and soared back to the usual height that Quidditch players hovered, completing a successful Wronski Feint. It was an exhilarating experience and it was one move that swept the air out of Yuri's gut. Using her legs to grip onto the Firebolt, Yuri pulled her hair into a bun and readjusted the loose pink t-shirt she wore (the one branded 'Quidditch Queen') which she had received on her birthday from her older brother.

Diving down towards the room where they kept the Quidditch equipment at a slower speed than before, Yuri glanced around briefly to see if any of her Quidditch mates had arrived. She wasn't disappointed when she spotted a tall figure approaching the pitch, but then again, Yuri wasn't that tall either.
Uncomfortable Count of Marble! (≧▽≦): hum?o__Omarblesmile on June 3rd, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
The last private Quidditch practice together with his twin had showed HyunJoong how good his new broomstick, the Cleansweep Eleven, was fitting to his fly style. It reacted smoothly, its speeding up was incredible fast and it was just perfect, like only made for a beater like HyunJoong.

Carrying his Cleansweep Eleven on his back, his blue Ravenclaw coat was waving in the soft yet encouraging wind on the field. HyunJoong loved wind, especially shortly before a game, the wind was calming him down and telling him Everything will be ok, you gonna win!.
It was maybe childish, but for HyunJoong the wind was his best friend, next to his team of course, but his team was his family, in order to win a game, such thoughts were neccessary, if not the captain was thinking like that, how should the team?

An amused smile appeared on HyunJoong's lips, when he saw Yuri frolicing on the field, this was just the typical Quidditch Queen herself, but well the Quidditch King understood her completely. He knew Yuri since the first grade and she had been probably one reason for him to start liking Quidditch and ending up loving it, well her affection for it definitely infected HyunJoong aswell.

Jumping on his broomstick, he only had to lean a bit forward and the Cleansweep was already reacting, it was really worth its price. He flew towards her, playfully flying a slalom and waved at her.

"As if I would ignore such a challenge, Queen!", he sing-sang, stopping next to her and crossing his arms in front of his chest. It was easy to control his new broomstick, hands not needed.
Always, when he was together with Yuri he could imagine them being professional players in the league, one day, HyunJoong would love to play with her in the same team.
권유리: yuri smileskaleidoskopic on June 3rd, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
Yuri had caught sight of Hyunjoong the moment he had mounted his broom and she smiled, waving at him before performing a rapid Sloth Grip Roll, except she wasn't holding on with her hands. With Hyunjoong, she enjoyed the friendly competition that always seemed to crop up whenever both of them were on the pitch together with brooms in hand. Even though she didn't like him in the romantic way and vice versa, both of them had mutually agreed on being the King and Queen of Quidditch in Hogwarts, despite the fact that Yuri had not yet been chosen for captain. In a way, Yuri was jealous of Jung Yunho for having gotten the top spot that she had been training for ever since she had joined in Hogwarts in the first year.

"I was just baiting you, your Majesty," Yuri teased as he stopped next to her, hands free. Yuri imitated his pose and smiled, feeling energized and ready to begin the match. She knew there were others who would be arriving, so the both of them would have to wait, but it only gave them more time to warm up. Yuri had been concentrating on land trainings in the previous times she had been on the pitch, with minimal flying. Her precision seemed to be dipping and Hyunjoong was the best person to train with.

"Want to warm up with a few laps?" it was a concealed challenge. What Yuri was really saying was; bet you can't win against me in a race, but of course she wouldn't say that to his face. With her Firebolt and his Cleansweep (which Yuri noted was new and gleaming), Yuri was sure she would win. Yuri wasn't being overly confident or condescending, but it was obvious that the Firebolt was of much higher quality than a Cleansweep. An amateur would have lost to Hyunjoong on a Firebolt, but not someone like Yuri. Had Hyunjoong been on the Firebolt, with a few weeks of adjusting to the broom, he would have been the winner too.
Uncomfortable Count of Marble! (≧▽≦): I'm taller than you >Dmarblesmile on June 3rd, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
"And this bat really tasted delicious, my Queen~", HyunJoong imitated back, seesawing on his new broomstick. The captain noticed Yuri's gaze on it and it was obvious, what she was thinking. Of course the Cleansweep was slower in the statistics and older than the Firebolt, but HyunJoong had been using his firebolt since grade 3, he knew it inside out, its strengths and also its weaknesses and it was just a fact, that the cleansweep series seemed to fit better to HyunJoong, than a firebolt ever could, although his good old broom was still in his room, one never knew, when he might need his firebolt again.

"Some laps are ok with me.", he answered with a mischievious smile on his curled lips and poking the other's shoulder. He just knew, that Yuri just had challenged him and he wouldn't loose. Yes sure, he had been using this broomstick only twice now, but he wouldn't loose. Most of their races ended in draws, or better said it always ended with both of them believing they were a half second faster than the other one. "And if you think you gonna win, only because your firebolt has a higher quality... forget it.", he fliped with his fingers in front of Yuri's face, not meaning to be mean, just maybe teasing, before he turned around and slowly moved forward.
권유리: lollipopkaleidoskopic on June 5th, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
Yuri laughed at Hyunjoong's tease, following him as he turned and moved forward slowly. She didn't say a word to correct him, because she hoped (as her good friend) he would understand. Fluttering around and performing minor tricks like the Sloth Grip Roll, Yuri felt truly relaxed mid-air. It was like a whole new experience each time she mounted her broom and while others found different ways of being reborn, every flight with her precious Firebolt was her rebirth. While they had done many laps that had no conclusive victor, Yuri was about to show off her latitude skills for the first time. It was almost like a precious secret that she had never told anyone, not even her father, who had and always would be her Quidditch role model (despite the fact that a massive injury had reduced him to managing instead of being on field instead).

"Let's add a new factor in," Yuri began, pride oozing from her tone, "we'll go a lot higher than we usually do." While Yuri had accustomed herself to the thin air at higher latitude, she knew exactly where Hyunjoong might run out of breath. Signaling for him to follow her, she dived upwards towards the clouds and hovered at the spot at the appropriate height. She hadn't gone high enough for Hyunjoong to gasp for air, but it would be a lot harder on him when they started to fly, unless she had underestimated him. She was ready for the challenge, still in her element. She faintly wondered if Hyunjoong would take on the challenge.
Uncomfortable Count of Marble! (≧▽≦): yay fun!marblesmile on June 5th, 2009 03:08 pm (UTC)
Feeling the strong wind playing with his hair, the smell of the fresh air in his nose, he kept the speed up with Yuri, still not using all of his reserves, since he was sure his friend would come up with some kind of new trick, he knew Yuri very well by now. HyunJoong never would get careless, when she was his opponent, since she was a real Quidditch magician, always having an ace up her sleeve.

And he had been right, so right. ALthough he was very skeptic and he knew, that Yuri only was doing that, because she probably had trained to fly in upper heights, he was no coward and especially Yuri would probably tease him life time. So he followed her, still one of his eyebrows raised and very very careful, he already had begun to try to match his breathing to the much thinner air up there, it would be hard to keep up his speed this high, but he would and even if he might would faint.. ok maybe not this far, since he had a lot of responsibility as a captain now.

Hovering next to her he nodded and briefly said:"Let's do this.", he didn't want to spend too much of his breath.